Nine months in the planning, we feel like we have indeed birthed something huge!  From numerous exploits we have undertaken together and apart, thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is definitely the longest adventure we’ve taken on so far.  The trail itself is 2650 miles (4265km).  Going off-trail for resupplies, laundry and (hopefully) a bath now and then will add even more distance covered.

We’ve done our homework:

1. PHYSICAL: we have physically trained as well as we know how.  Since both of us are Bodyworkers, that alone helped tremendously.

2. GEAR:  we’ve researched everything from our backpacks to cooking implements and toiletries at great length – but we are both such gear junkies, it’s turned out to be a most enjoyable obsession.  We will let you know where we purchased each item, what we paid, and provide links for you as well.  FYI, small businesses are some of our most favorites.

3. FOOD:  we have analyzed appropriate foods for the journey, becoming specific in the food choices we are making.  We want to do this a healthily as possible, eating with purpose rather than just consuming empty calories. We totally believe it is possible to thru-hike without scraping by on those skinny noodles, toaster pastries & simple-sugar candy bars.  Of course we will provide you with links to the companies & items we find most tasty and nutritious.

4. NAVIGATION: we investigated and experimented with different apps tailored to the PCT.  Brian especially, will be updating you on what he likes about each one.

5. ELECTRONICS: This is most assuredly our weakest point.  Neither of us have much experience with websites and YouTube channels. So we will tell you what we have learned and perhaps you might reach out and help with some advice?  Please be gentle with us; after all, no one knows everything, right?

I’m absolutely delighted you found our site!  As this [baby] grows, we promise to be as genuine and as kind as possible with every review, every post.  We’ve looked at each other and re-examined why on earth we would want to begin a website and post to YouTube while on-trail.  But you know what?  If just one of you says, Hey if they can do that, I can train for that fill-in-the-blank I’ve always wanted to complete, it is a very good thing.  If you decide to reach for the dream you thought was lost to you due to health or lack of funds or your age or whatever, then this whole thing is worth it.  When presented with your next challenge, why not say to yourself, Sure!  Why not?.  Then please let us know in Comments below.  We’d love to support your progress too.